Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dr Rafiq Zakaria passes away

It is hard to believe but Rafiq Zakaria was indeed the father of Fareed Zakaria, the Newsweek editor. One read Rafiq Zakaria's writings like the one on Iqbal , Jinnah and Islam (Muhammad and the Quran) with a sense of bewilderment, for his range of knowledge was enormous, as it was for a generation of intellectual- politicians that has more or less passed into history with much of their dreams un- realized. Kaifi Azmi best summarized their quest: I was born in a country under colonial yoke, lived in a free country and will die in a socialist one.

Less of a radical than Kaifi and many other among the Muslim youngsters who turned to the Congress and the Left in the 1930s, Rafiq's secular credentials were impeccable. Which is what made it always difficult to digest that his son went on to become an apologist for the West's dominant preceptions on Islam in the last decade. The eternal father and sons contradiction at work perhaps.

The BBC and the Indian Express carry the news about his demise.

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