Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This Blog has moved to Wordpress

Wordpress's new import utility was too hard to resist, and 'a reader's words' has moved to its new location at

Please subscribe to the feed with the button on the right frame (under "Subscribe"), if you would like to subscribe to the blog, and if you are subscribed to one of the blogspot feeds.

If you already subscribe to the feedburner feed, there is no need to make any change.

It will be a while I move the blogroll et al, but it will be done by this weekend.

I am sure that you would have a better user experience at the new site !


rama said...

Hullo, many thanks for all your very interesting posts.



bhupinder said...

Thanks, Rama, do continue to visit the new one !

Aditya said...

Thanks for this post. Really its very nice. Keep writing. I think you should add your blog at and let more people discover your blog. It's a great place for Indian bloggers to be in and I am sure it would do wonders for your blog.

Musings of June said...

Hi!Read you blog on Mir Taqi Mir."Ye dhuan sa kahan se uthta hain" isone of my favourite as well in addition to "Ulti ho gayee sab tadbeeren.."

Would love to come back again.

Keep up the good work.