Sunday, April 02, 2006

Peru on the Venezuela Way?

Reports from Peru place the Leftist candidate Ollanta Humala as having an edge over the Rightist candidate Lourdes Flores:

An ardent nationalist, Mr Humala wants to increase state control of key mining and gas sectors. He has the support of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, which has alarmed Washington, as has his pledge to legalise coca production.

"Nationalism is the recuperation of our sovereignty and of our resources, which God put in the ground to benefit out children," was his message to the enthusiastic crowd.

Mr Humala, 44, is a retired lieutenant colonel who led a failed military rebellion against the then President, Alberto Fujimori, in 2000.

His father was one of the country's leading communists who also believed that only the descendants of the Incas could pull the country out of poverty.

Complete Story: BBC

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