Friday, November 25, 2005


Toronto, after the first snow of the season last week

It was a return to Toronto after 9 years, and I found my impressions this time very different from my last visit from when I carried the images of dark, gloomy skies and snow and rain. This time, it was sunshine and visits to the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery that temporarily housed the Catherine collection from the Hermitage, a deferential visit to the Niagara (again after 9 years and from the opposite, Canadian side). But what turned out to be best was a walk through Chinatown, and meeting a friend- Gaurav Joshipura- after nearly a quarter of a century.... suddenly I realized that not much had changed !

The Bible in arabic script, from the Syrian Orthodox church. Royal Ontario Museum

Tusks at the Royal Ontario Museum

A feast in a Vietnamese eating place in Chinatown and ...

... some imaginative names for a bookstore and a pub, both next to the Art Galley/ Chinatown.

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Toronto, after the first snow of the season last week --- This picture is beautiful . like it ----raghbir